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                              Mount Washington Hotel                                                     Bretton Woods,New Hampshire

May 2009 Mount Washington Hotel ~ Bretton Woods,New Hampshire

We had the chance to go to an event and investigate the famous Mount Washington in Bretton Woods New Hampshire. Living in New Hampshire and being paranormal investigators this place is probably at the top of the list of wanting to investigate. We have heard and read many stories about the haunting that take place at the Mount Washington from the princess to past worker of the hotel. The hotel opened in 1902.


During our  3 day visit to the Mount Washington we got to explore the towers and the famous wall of signatures that date back to when the hotel first opened. We even hung out in the princess room. The Mount Washington is breathtaking inside and out. You cant help but get wrapped up in its atmosphere that surrounds you. When you walk through the grand doors you see a elegant staircase that leads up to the rooms. Along the side of the staircase is the original elevator with an operator sitting inside to take you to the floor you are staying on. The hotel is massive in size and it is very easy to get lost without even realizing it.

While we were staying and investigating we started to come across great evidence  through photos and k2 meters. Our first night at the hotel we went and explored and a sort of a feel to as where some of the "hot spots" were. After we were done exploring we headed back to our room and was getting ready to settle in for the night. When we opened the door to our room we noticed that a bag that was on the bed had been moved and opened. We thought this was weird and maybe one of us moved it and forgot we did. About an hour after turning in we were woken by doors being opened and slammed closed out in the hallway. We both jumped up out of bed and ran to look. It was about 2:30am and there was no one in the halls and the hall lights has been dimmed. Weird yes,exciting very much so! So back to bed we went. Again we were woke by noise in the hallway. This time it sounded as if there was a party taking place out in the hall. We were a little irritated to think people could be so rude at 3:15am. The noise was loud as we opened the door. I poked my head out to ask them to party in their room and not the hallway and to my surprise there was not a single person to be seen in the hallway. OK so the spirits of the Mount Washington Hotel like to have fun! We got back into bed and just laid there amazed and excited that the stories we have heard about the place being haunted were true! 

The next day we went out and explored the grounds of the hotel. Later that night we went and investigated the Bretton Arms Inn. The Inn had so much energy inside and out. Every photo we took we got ORBs. I'm not talking dust ORBs either! I mean ORBs that have faces inside of them. Meters and dowsing rods were going crazy through out the night. OK getting side tracked,we will save the Bretton Arms Inn for another story time! 


 So after a very exciting night at the inn we headed back to the Mount Washington to return to our room. As we were getting ready for bed we were talking to each other and wondering what was going to wake us tonight. Just as my Husband said well if its another party I will just go and join them and then we hear a man laugh. Maybe it was a laugh as my Husband was being funny,as if he could join them hah! We went to bed at about 2:00am. I would hear what sounded like someone in our bathroom. I thought it was just my Husband so I didn't really pay any attention to it till I heard the shower running. I laid there and then it went off and then the water in the sink was turned on. I rolled over to see my Husband was in bed right next to me. I laid there and listened. You could hear clanking around in the bathroom and movement as if someone was in there,but wait someone was in there!

Time to investigate the Mount Washington. We started our night out in the main conference room. As we sat there trying to make connection with any of the spirits,we were getting lots of interaction the photography. We could hear people moving around us and tapping on the window panes. The tapping then moved to the walls. We started doing a yes and no session with the K2 meter. Asking things like did you ever stay here,did you work here,did you ever get to meet the royalty that once stayed here. 


 We then moved down to the old tunnel area that is still there today. We broke out the dowsing rods this time around and started with yes and no questions again. We asked them if they knew what year it was and if they were around when the hotel first opened and if they had family that was at the hotel as well. While sitting down there we were visited by a shadow person. This happened really  quickly  and was no time to get a photo. We dont know who the mystery shadow person was but what we do know is that they did not want to be seen for very long.

While exploring the rest of hotel and its towers we were followed and had banging noise and doors open and close around us. We could hear whispers and laughs along with what sounded like a cry. We heard ballroom music being played at one point. 

 All in all in our true opinion about the stories behind the Mount Washington being haunted,we would have to say they are true. The Mount Washington is haunted! So we say this to you,if you ever find yourself in the great north woods of New Hampshire and looking for a place to stay and dont mind having extra people in your room,then go check out the Mount Washington and stay for a night and enjoy the past. The bumps in the night that may wake you and you think nothing of it ,well here I would have to say it is just the past enjoying their stay as well.

 You can see more photos in the Mount Washington album.