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                      Results From Investigations

Here you will find the results from some of the investigations we do.We will keep you posted and up to date on investigations.Not all investigation are posted,we do have clients who do wish to have the case kept private.

All evidence found is the property of ANHS

All Photos are copy right ANHS


 Vale-End Cemetery - Wilton New Hampshire

The day was sunny in the mid 40's and windy. When we got to the cemetery it was very mellow and peaceful. When being there we were on the look out for Mary "the blue lady" Georgette was on tape recorder and compass. Little did we know the batteries were already drained from the recorder. She did pick up some small activity on the compass. Jw was on digital recorder and digital camera. Jw picked up some activity on the recorder. There seem to be a spirit mocking him after he was coughing. At the end there was some weird noise followed by some cackling and a man saying shut up. I was on temp meter but the wind was so strong that we couldn't pick up a good reading.I was also doing digital pictures. I did not come across anything while we were there.We did go back for when it got dark and was on the outside of the cemetery and I came across a big bright blue ORB. Is it the "Blue lady" well maybe. We will be returning back to the cemetery when the snow has completely melted.

EVP's caught -

Jw - There was a point where Jw cleared his throat and right after that a "spirit" was mocking him. He also got another one where a strange noise/voice said something we cant make it out, right after there was cackling and then a mans voice saying shut up.   

Could this be the Blue Lady?

Vale-End Cemetery

Pine Hill Cemetery - Hollis New Hampshire 

The day was sunny in the mid 40's and windy. This is the cemetery that has been called "Blood Cemetery" While we were the 3 of us went our own ways. Again Georgette was on tape recorder and compass,Jw was on digital recorder and I was doing digital photos. Jw got a female EVP along with Georgette and she also had what seems to be a child come through. When Jw was next to a broken stone with the name Elizabeth S. he got a female recording, this was a full sentence. Georgette and I were down at the bottom of the cemetery at one of the Blood family plots and she was telling me about the compass. When she was standing there she was watching the compass swing back and forth.She was telling me about it and we were talking it over and as her and I were doing this a female voice came and cut in and said a name. We dont know if its her name or a name of another.As we were getting ready to leave that's when the child's voice came in. I did not get anything in the pictures that I took. We will be returning when snow is gone.

EVPs caught -

Jw - "Huh, got a __________ wanna cut it?" We have not made out what the fourth word is yet.

Georgette - A female voice saying "Lisa"

Georgette - A child's voice saying "bye-bye"

The stone where Jw got the EVPThe stone where Georgette got EVPs

Private investigation - Bennington NH 

 We went and performed a private investigation in Bennington. We were asked not to share who they are and where the rest of the investigation took place. We are able to share with you a few of the EVPS found. We cant tell you what they mean or who they are talking about.

First EVP - There was a female voice that made a comment back saying "Great"

Second EVP - A male voice asking "Wheres Dot" D.mp3

Third EVP - We are not sure what is really going on in this EVP but there sounds like there may be a dog that is barking. And then there is a voice of some sort.

Fourth EVP - This one sounds like they are saying the name "Cliffee"

Fifth EVP - This one I got when I went off to do a recording alone. It is saying "Alone"


Cemetery in Antrim NH - Old farm land Antrim NH

 There appears to be something trying to appear next to Georgette.

This was a nice summer night. Mid 70’s and windy. We had 4 investigators on.Georgette was on tape recorder and took along a compass. Jw was using what is called reflective photograph he had learned from our good friend Mike Sullivan. Dottie was using Digital recorder.Carrie was on digital camera and temp readings.

While we were at the cemetery we all had personal experiences. I was getting a feeling on being watched along with being followed. When I looked to see if another investigator was behind me they weren’t. I was then hearing what sounded like children playing and laughing. I was keeping this to myself to see if it would happen again and see if anyone else had heard this. Dottie and Georgette came to me asking me if I heard the children playing, running around in the field. We walked down to the area that JW was in and he also had heard the children.As we were in a group talking I put my flashlight on my wrist and a couple minutes later there felt like something tugged on it and it broke from the rope and smashed to the ground.I was so taken from this and it may or may not have been paranormal.We had gotten some great EVPs from here as well.

This is Georgette and I took the pic and got this

First EVP - JW was talking to another investigator and there was a female voice that came across laughing.

Second EVP - This EVP is very light in sound, sounds like there is 2 voices and seems they both maybe children. We haven’t made out what they are saying.

Third EVP - We were watching JW take his pictures and a soft voice came over saying what sounds like cant wait and then cant make out what is said afterward.

Fourth EVP - We were reading 3 stone that stood together, 2 of them a 4 year old and a 6 year old passed in the same month a day apart and then the other was 24 years old and it was the same month but 25 years to the date apart. This is a recording of a child humming.

A face appears in the bottle on the top. If zoomed in you can make out features better.

Fifth EVP - This one seems to be saying something on the lines of aww lost my click.

Sixth EVP - Dottie is talking about the 3 stones that are children and she was saying about a cause of death and a voice came over hers and said and we got it.


The Farm land Antrim NH

When we were at the farm land we caught a lot of ORBS in actions. While there 2 of the investigators had the feeling of being watched as the were walking around the land.

First EVP - This EVP sounds as if the spirit came right up to the recorder and was breathing into it.

Second EVP - One of the investigators had to go and sit down so she was informing us and the someone came through and told her alright.

Third EVP - This EVP we don’t know what the noise is but its not saying anything its just a noise.

 Private home in Hillsboro New Hampshire 

Up stairs roomJW with dowsing rod'sDownstairsSecond roomsecond room

I have blown this up as much as I can. There is a shadow man in the glass door. EVP is say "Help" EVP is saying "Help" as well EVP is saying "Theys not your kids" EVP is a spirit Tapping EVP is Banging downstairs when all was upstairs.

New Hampshire {we were asked to keep name private}

 Here you can hear "Yup" yup.wav

 Here you can hear "always bad luck" always bad luck.wav

Here they were kidding around and asked for #'s then you can hear knocking. lotto.wav

Here you will hear "white noise" white noise.wav

Here you will hear "wooh weird" wooh weird.wav

Here you will hear "yes you are" yes you are.wav

Here you will hear "you should grab a recorder" you should grab a recorder.wav

Private investigation in New Hampshire

Here you can hear "laughing" LAUGH.wav

Here you can hear a female voice saying "thank you" TAKE CARE.wav

Here you can hear moaning MOAN 2.wav

Here we are all hearing something a little off from each other..drop us a line of what you think you can hear from it. PHONE CALL.wav