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                    ANHS investigation with ECTOWEB

 In November 2007 we went out on an investigation with Karen Mossey and Mike Sullivan. We had went up to Haddie Browns in Antrim New Hampshire,from there we moved on to an 1800's cemetery in Antrim as well. These guys did a great job while they were here investigating. We have asked them to come back in the spring and do another investigation with us cause the first one came out wonderful. So spring 2008 they will be back  out to join us.

 Here is the write up from Karen Mossey about the investigation.

Antrim, New Hampshire

Saturday November 17th 2007

Conditions: Evening 8:30 PM

Dry, Clear, Cold 26 degrees

Written by: Karen Mossey

This past Saturday we joined our good friends on an investigation in the old grist mill town of Antrim, NH. Bennington has one of the original, fully functional Paper Mills in New England. The Monadnock Paper Mill, MPM, is the longest single family owned paper mill in the nation. Most of the workers and residents of the town at the turn of the 19th century were either mill workers or farmers. Antrim was a deeply pious community and people relied heavily on their Bible teachings and church going.

Today Bennington still employs many of the citizens there in the mills. The town is a peaceful, quaint, residential community.

Now on to the Investigation. Our first destination was a remote area in Antrim where an old house and barn once stood. Our hosts had told us that the house existed in the 1950’s but has long since been torn down. A family, Father, Mother and son had lived and died there. All of natural causes. The house was isolated, miles away from the center of town and accessed by a dirt road. We were told, after the Father had passed, the Mother would walk miles into town for supplies.

Once on location, John began infrared video taping and Leo with infrared photography. Mike and I were doing EVP recordings and most of the group present brought along their digital camera’s. Having had numerous experiences there before, they were anxious to see what we may capture. Mike also brought along his old bottles to see if he could obtain any residual images from the past in his reflective surfaces. Carrie captured some remarkable paranormal images on her camera consisting of moving energy and strange mists that came out of nowhere and were not visible with the naked eye.

Many long dirt roads lead off to other abandoned buildings from this remote location. It was a bit too cold to travel all the way done them but at the end of one road we were told was an abandoned old college and at the other the remnants of an old collapsed house. We came across an old shed, with old mattresses and even an outhouse. At one point my hat fell off while recording EVP and on playback I heard, "It’s Karen’s Hat."

I had walked over with John to a dark wooded area and asked into my recorder. "Are you aware that we are here and do you want us to leave?" On playback I heard, "You should leave here!" Originally I had heard "You shouldn’t leave here," but on further analysis it definitely sounded like "should" and that was a bit spooky.

After leaving the remote location we went to an old cemetery in Antrim, NH. Some remarkable shots were captured here by Carrie. Ectoplasm appeared above a stone and a moving energy ball. She also caught a bright red energy mass in the middle of the dark woods where no light at all was present.

It is here in the cemetery that I captured three very validating EVP recordings. Being a religious town back in the days long gone by I was not surprised to receive and EVP in which I heard "By the Bible." People of this time lived very much by the Bible. One amazing captured occurred as I stated: This is Karen..We’re at a … (EVP messages breaks through "In South") cemetery in Antrim, NH. Here a very clear female voice broke through in the middle of my sentence and said, " In South," Perhaps meaning that we were South of Bennington in Antrim. This was a truly phenomenal and clear EVP capture! As we finished out the night I did one more recording saying "This is my last recording of the night," to which a quick EVP message stated "YES."

The Investigation was truly phenomenal and the evidence was amazing. Mike captured a strange image in one of his reflective photo’s, Leo and John with infrared filming, and our EVP as well as the amazing images our hosts captured with their digital photos.

We were very pleased with this night’s investigation and Bennington and Antrim is an amazing town. We truly thank our good friends for enabling this event to happen and have been invited back in the Spring of 2008 to conduct another investigation at a remote location where it has been reported that full apparitions appear and an old safe is seen, on occasion, rising from the ground. Wow. We can’t wait.