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                       Results from investigations

Here you will find the results from some of the investigations we do.We will keep you posted and up to date on investigations.Not all investigation are posted,we do have clients who do wish to have the case kept private.

All evidence found is the property of ANHS

All Photos are copy right ANHS


Group outing to a local cemetery

 This is a video taken while out on our last outing for the season



Anellos Portsmouth New Hampshire 

There was very little history found on the building we were in. We did find out there was a fire in the building. We also found out that the basements in the building was used as a hide away.{To see more picture from the investigation go to photo gallery}

 Good job


  Yes he can





 1686  New Hampshire 

Debby Constantino

Karen Mossey

Leo and Linda Monfet

Check out our photo album named 1686 for more pictures

Private home in Peterborough New Hampshire 

We will not be showing pictures from this investigation but we do have permission to show EVP.


  Grammy made it

  I'm sick

  Just us


  mommy isn't home

  I sick